Leverage your network to deliver district-wide communications

Rauland Telecenter U uses your district’s data network to connect all of your facilities together. The IP-based, critical communications solution leverages your investment in existing network and cabling infrastructure and legacy equipment by integrating with public address, clock synchronization, security and access control systems — providing a complete solution, customizable to fit every communications need in your district.

From the district office to each and every classroom, your facilities benefit from a network-based platform design by connecting your universe with Rauland Telecenter U — while still keeping the specific needs of your schools in mind. 

Seamless Communications

Rauland Telecenter U works with your data network to provide a seamless communications solution for every school and every system in your district — from IP addressable speakers in classrooms to a web-based user interface.

Cohesive Solution 

Rauland Telecenter U connects across all of your locations from anywhere you are, providing seamless solutions for:

  • District-wide emergency notification
  • Event management through synchronized time-keeping systems
  • Everyday communications through integrated network technologies
Multiple Pathways
Offering flexible migration paths to a full critical communications, solution, Rauland Telecenter U can leverage your existing investments and legacy equipment by integrating with public addresses, clock synchronization, security, and access control systems — providing a complete solution, customizable to every communications need in your district.

Key Attributes

District-wide notifications are initiated from a single web-based interface targeting the District, the Campus or the School. 

Immediate customized response can be relayed via phone, browser or panic button for different scenarios. 

Emergency check-in notifications can be monitored for classrooms not locked down, and calls continue annunciating until they are answered at school and district level.

Pre-record Messages to  provide custom instructions, emergency tones, emails can all be launched with a single touch, tailored to each scenario. 

TCU Solutions Story

Hybrid Telecenter U Delivers Unified Crisis Response While Saving Parkway School District Nearly $1 Million

Emergency Communications

Everyday Communications

District Wide Bell Scheduling

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