Dependable Mobility Products that Reduce Response Time and Improve Staff Security

with the Ascom a72 pager you have the possibilities of a two-way handset for use in the Ascom Paging System. The handset is robust and designed for use in demanding environments. It also gives opportunities for several alarms features – including a personal alarm – for you and your staff’s security.

Key features for Ascom Pagers

  1. Improved communication
    Ascom Paging enables organizations to send messages quickly and easily to individuals or groups, which can help to improve communication and reduce response times.
  2. Increased efficiency
    By using Ascom Paging, organizations can reduce the time and effort required to communicate important messages, freeing up staff time to focus on other tasks.
  3. Enhanced safety
    In emergency situations, Ascom Paging can be used to quickly alert staff to potential risks and provide instructions for how to respond, which can help to improve safety and minimize the impact of any incidents.
  4. Flexibility
    Ascom Paging can be used in a variety of settings, including healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations.
  5. Cost savings
    By using Ascom Paging, organizations can reduce the costs associated with traditional communication methods, such as phone calls or printed materials.
  6. Improved customer service
    Ascom Paging can be used to alert staff to customer needs or requests, enabling them to respond quickly and provide a high level of service


  • Reliability is about trust – that the system will work in mission-critical communication.

    • Proven technology
    • Prioritized messages and alerts
    • Long battery life
    • Features: push-button, man-down, no-movement and pull-cord alarms
    • Accurate indoors and outdoors location
  • Ability to withstand rough environments and tough situations.

    • Shock, vibration and drop resistant
    • Water resistant
    • Operational in a wide range of temperatures
    • Chemical resistant
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Handset designed as an easy to wear and use work tool in demanding environments and professional use.

    • Messages are presented in plain text
    • Large backlit LCD display
    • Help is just a button-push away
    • Automatically generated alarms
    • Large enough to display messages clearly and small enough to be easy to carry

TelePROTECT Products and Applicantions

Ascom a72


The Protector version is a two-way unit with personal alarm and features two-way messaging (recieve an alert/message and respond with accept/not accept)

  • Robust handset with Personal alarm and two-way messaging
  • Push-button, pull-cord and automatically generated alarms
  • Alerts and messages are showed in text on the large display and can be replied to
  • High precision location via IR and LF

Ascom a72 Alarm

The Alarm version is one way messaging with alarm features to send an alarm but not recieve any messages/alerts

  •  Personal alarm handset with push-button and pull-cord alarms
  • Automatically generated alarms
  • High precision location via IR and LF

ASCOM a72 pager

The Pager version is one way in the opposite direction as the Alarm variant. You can recieve messages but there are no personal alarm features available.

  • Alerts and messages shown in plain text on a large display
  • New messages indicated with tone and vibrator

a72 Product Sheet

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