Connecting you with your environment, through real-time data and notification

The Primex OneVue system helps institutions connect to their operating environment with Notify, Sync, Sense, and Monitor lines – a shared view of your devices with one integrated software platform.  Whether notifying the appropriate staff member of emergencies, or alerting pharmacy directors to temperature changes in storage, Primex OneVue puts users in touch with their environment.  

Primary Systems will provide the tools that connect you to your work environment. From coordinating facility-wide time to safely monitoring ambient air temperatures and verification readings in refrigerators, freezers and data centers – we have the solution. 

Notify—The average response time for emergency services in the USA is ten minutes. Most critical events are over in less than five minutes. OneVue Notify InfoBoards help to alert entire buildings and campuses of critical situations in seconds, to help bring people to safety until emergency respondents arrive.

—Primex sensors make manual monitoring and data logging a thing of the past. Secure, state-of-the-art sensors continuously monitor conditions, then communicate with our cloud-based OneVue software via your existing IT network to log the data and alert you if conditions warrant attention. Save time, maximize productivity, and create an overall safer environment for everyone within your facility.

Sync—unified timekeeping for entire campuses, with innovative wireless and wired clock solutions. With Primex clocks and timers, you can trust the accuracy of every clock throughout your facility. Adding our Smart-Sync™ Bluetooth® low energy technology system, or our unique 72MHz broadcast frequency system, our platforms seamlessly synchronize every clock in your facility.

Monitor—mobile-friendly software for updates, alerts, reports, and real-time feedback. OneVue keeps comprehensive monitoring data and reports at hand for easy access when you need them to demonstrate compliance to applicable regulations. 

COVID-19 Isolation Rooms

With an increasing need to convert standard rooms to isolation rooms, the need to monitor air flow quickly is important. OneVue Sense Differential Air Pressure and Temperature and Humidity Sensors can be easily installed to assist in monitoring the airflow, temperature, and humidity in your isolation areas, quarantine zones and hospital negative pressure rooms. Providing an effective, yet adaptable containment solution for COVID-19, Download our Installation and Use FAQs PDF to learn more.

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