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With over one million beds installed worldwide, Rauland continues to lead the market through a proven focus on innovation, and integrated solutions that are designed to fit your processes and streamline your workflow. 

Whether your hospital is large or small, Primary Systems will design a Responder solution that is a perfect fit for your facility. Rauland’s Responder Enterprise, Responder 5, and Responder 5000 systems make it easier to deliver the highest quality of patient care. This includes effortless implementation, the ability to seamlessly coordinate between various departments and integrate into existing hospital systems. We can customize the Responder buttons to match your individual processes allowing for simplified and streamlined workflow. Responder nurse call enables you to easily connect with IT systems, phone systems, security systems and more, offering a well-orchestrated tool for measuring data. Most importantly, our integration consulting services ensure your Responder system is fully integrated with older systems to reduce any redundancy and increase productivity. Our integrated communications solutions enable healthcare organizations to achieve workflow efficiency, staff productivity improvements, and outcome-based performance initiatives, resulting in increased HCAHPS scores and improved hospital reimbursement rates. 

Partnering with Primary Systems to optimize workflows results in many benefits: 

  • Streamlined processes in day-to-day operations.
  • Reduction of training time through awareness and adherence to protocols, such as fall mitigation and rounding.
  • Reduction of paperwork and other interruptions to improve staff experience and satisfaction levels. 
  • Prevention of overlooked nursing care through reminders, automation, and improved communication.
  • Improved transparency and flexibility for staff optimization, satisfaction status, data, crossmatrixing, varying reimbursement levels, and more. 

Streamline your workflow 

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Rauland Enterprise

Responder has always provided a strong foundation for excellent patient care. Responder Enterprise offers even greater sophistication, making it even easier to work across departments and facilities with technology that’s simpler for everyone to use. Patients and staff alike
will benefit from improved transparency and flexibility for staff optimization, satisfaction status, data, crossmatrixing, varying reimbursement levels, and more.

Responder Enterprise is the nurse call system you grew up with, now with a more powerful structure that eases the path through a changing technology environment

Rauland Responder 5

Responder 5 helps to simplify communications in an often complex healthcare setting. The smart nurse call functionality is just the beginning – the system’s advanced integration capability has the power to transform hospital workflows and provides the foundation for patient-centric, coordinated care. Identify high risk patients by customizing corridor lights outside of the patient room to alert staff of a patient’s high risk status – whether it is greater likelihood of falls, infection or other risks. Responder 5’s comprehensive reporting functionality provides detailed insights into ward operations and highlights any resourcing challenges.

Rauland Responder 5000

A fully featured nurse call system, Responder 5000 enables quick and efficient communication between patients and nurses, and extends to provide smart connections with housekeeping, transport and administration staff.

Integration with wireless phones and pagers means that nurses and patient are always connected, and smart Room Management Stations provide one-touch communication with supporting teams.  Connect patients with care givers and simplify core processes. Flexible solution for hospitals, and independent and assisted living environments.

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