In-building wireless phones with secure text messaging

Context-rich voice and secure text messaging communications encourage staff to use their full abilities. Being able to share information simplifies delegation, and accelerates decision-making and feedback. Personnel are better equipped to predict, think, take initiative, and cooperate. An Ascom voice and secure text messaging solution can help foster a team spirit among staff. Information is easily shared among all team members. No one need be left out of the flow of information.

Ascom solutions enable interactive, multi-directional and targeted communication of time-sensitive, mission-critical information. Machines and processes communicate with mobile workers, informing them of deviations and glitches before they escalate into serious problems. Key workers communicate with one another, with processes and with support systems — within systems, across systems, and while on the move. Ascom systems support all industrial processes and departments. Whatever your existing communications infrastructure, Primary Systems will devise a solution to transfer time-critical information between personnel and processes in order processing, materials supply, scheduling, production, quality control, maintenance, security and building services. Over time, these incremental improvements will benefit your overall equipment effectiveness, minimizing availability, performance and quality losses. 

Industry Solutions

The figures are staggering: poor communication costs hospitals $12bn a year in the US alone, equal to about 2% of global hospital revenue.1 And merely coordinating and organizing care eats up one-fifth of each nurse’s shift.2 But there is good news. Ascom already offers solutions that can dramatically improve communication and collaboration within hospitals—solutions that can help enhance patient safety, staff satisfaction and clinical workflows.

Product withdrawals are a fact of retail life. But with the right communications solution, it is possible to minimize their impact — while still acting promptly to ensure safety. Ascom AlertTrac is the solution. Part of Ascom Unite software, AlertTrac lets one person send alert
texts to any defined wireless device. Ascom AlertTrac gives you complete control of the withdrawal process, eliminating ad-hoc and inconsistent responses. 

Clear information helps staff take the best possible actions. They can request further information. They can access and control critical equipment (close a valve, open a pump), and communicate with colleagues one-on-one or in conference calls. They can communicate in noisy, dusty, wet, hazardous or explosive environments.

Dispatch food service and tray pickup; assign service orders in response to customer requests. When a guest checks out, a ‘clean the room’ message is automatically sent to housekeeping. Supervisors can monitor the progress
of open tasks, and receive confirmation upon completion. 

For lone-workers in diverse industries and environments such as large power plants, secure facilities, and remote
locations, these solutions typically include: man down and no movement functionality where an inactive or suddenly tilted handset sends alerts to designated recipients.

We use the latest location technologies (LF, IR, DECT location, Wi-Fi) to provide accurate handset locations. Knowing the point of origin of a personnel alarm can give responders critical extra seconds and minutes. Advanced voice  functionality includes a discrete voice channel. In a threatening situation the user simply pushes a button to establish a secure
voice link to responders. The handset does not indicate that a channel has been opened. Responders can listen on the channel as they approach the handset’s location. Logging of events and actions taken provides a solid basis for continuously improving processes and personal safety routines.

Ascom Wi-Fi Handsets

Ascom Wi-Fi handsets offer enterprise grade wireless telephony, messaging and personal alarm capabilities based Wi-Fi technologies. Using Voice Over IP means both telephony and enterprise applications (e.g. Internet, e-email, etc.) can utilize the same network infrastructure resulting in lower implementation and maintenance costs. 

Ascom offers a range of Wi-Fi based handsets including android based smartphones (Myco 2 & Myco 3) and traditional based handsets (Ascom i62) that will fit your specific needs. 

Ascom DECT Handsets

If you are responsible for mission critical
communications, you need to be confident that
your wireless communications system can hold up under the same pressure you do, every day. Ascom IP-DECT offers true mobility that can be relied upon.  It offers secure wireless transmissions over dedicated frequency bands, making it less prone to interference.  That means a mobile voice and data network that is secure and dependable. 

Ascom offers a range of DECT handsets including android based smartphones (Ascom Myco 2) and traditional based handsets (Ascom d63 & d81) that will
 fit your specific needs. 

Secure Messaging & Integration

Ascom Unite seamlessly links mission-critical systems with mobile communications. It delivers intelligent integration, allows for secure text messaging between devices, and system management in one unique, powerful package. 

Ascom Unite integrates with multiple information systems including building management, fire alarm, clinical systems, medical health record systems, location-based systems and dispatch systems to enable an improved and integrated worflow environment. 
Ascom Unite extends the reach of these systems to mobile devices to optimize communication for mobile work teams. 

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