Everyday communications through reliable technology

Primary Systems offers simple, cost-effective, and reliable communications solutions that are simple and targeted. It’s a solution that can be used all day, everyday. Just login on any PC with a web browser within your school, and you’re ready to communicate to a single location, a group of facilities, or your entire district.  

We specialize in routing internal communications to the right people – all of your daily live communication needs, whether within a single location, across multiple facilities, or throughout your entire district. We will work with you to design a fully integrated system with paging, intercom, bells, and clocks keeping every day running smoothly. Make morning announcements and after-hours messaging manageable on-the-fly or pre-recorded. Call buttons allow teachers to get assistance without disturbing the learning environment. Our system handles all of your everyday needs by connecting to disparate systems that communicate messages regarding daily operations, including:
  • Morning announcements
  • After-school announcements
  • Paging
  • Lunch
  • Celebrations
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Athletic team announcements 

Key Attributes

District-wide notifications are initiated from a single web-based interface targeting the District, the Campus or the School. 

Immediate customized response can be relayed via phone, browser or panic button for different scenarios. 

Emergency check-in notifications can be monitored for classrooms not locked down, and calls continue annunciating until they are answered at school and district level.

Pre-record Messages to  provide custom instructions, emergency tones, emails can all be launched with a single touch, tailored to each scenario. 

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