Primary CARE: Advanced Mobility Support

Primary CARE is a comprehensive program designed specifically to maximize and support your critical mobility investment and allow you to focus on your overall business goals, while simultaneously operating under a known, fixed OPEX cost structure.

  • Free up your valuable onsite resources
  • Receive priority technical support
  • Obtain timely training for technical resources
  • Ensure maximum solution efficiencies 
  • Enable proactive hardware and software monitoring
  • Operate under known, budget-friendly fixed costs

Choose between two different Primary CARE options to determine what best fits your needs. 

Primary CARE

Primary CARE +


Adherence to priority, service-level objectives means emergency response guaranteed
Proactive end-of-cycle upgrade notifications to prevent obsolescence
Receive advanced customer insights regarding system usage and potential problems
Increase end-user solution adoption, usability, and competence
Utilize dedicated service management resources that are familiar with your systems
Maximize investment while minimizing maintenance and repair costs
Provide for greater infrastructure management and planning by knowing what's ahead
Improve technical competency of onsite resources to accelerate repairs and minimize downtime
Ensure high systems availability by keeping equipment working at peak performance
Enable full-cost transparency and fixed-cost budgeting
Improve management visibility into incident resolutions and trends
Maintain optimized integrations with third party solutions
Keep technology current with new software updates
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