Create happier patients and healthier communities

Studies support that patient outcomes will increase dramatically when there is a discharge plan in place. Studies have also shown that as many as 40% of patients over 65 had medication errors after leaving the hospital, and 18% of Medicare patients discharged from a hospital are readmitted within 30 days.  

Primary Systems designs interactive digital solutions that transform the patient’s in-room TV into a powerful and personalized source of real-time information. This communication tool helps to enhance the patient experience and align all necessary parties on the patient’s care plan. Our solutions put control of the care plan at the clinicians’ fingertips, simplifying workflows for providing patient-specific content and managing service recovery opportunities. Clinicians have full flexibility to make appropriate changes, adding or deleting videos for the patient to view. If a clinician determines that additional or different content should be delivered, the agility of our solution makes this easy. Our cost-effective platform, can be deployed on our TVs or any TV with an HDMI port that connects to our android-based HUB device.

Our products service the medical staff and patient by increasing workflow efficiency and improving the performance delivered to the patient. As a result, you will see a positive change in your HCAHPS survey and provide continuing communication to visitors and staff.   

Solution Features

One device, the all-in-one television, provides seamless communication between patient and healthcare provider. Access to EMR and other healthcare systems are utilized in our API.

No need for long-term contracts. Start the system with 1 unit and grow your Interactive Patient Care system over multiple fiscal cycles as the facility’s needs and budgets change.

Configure the system(s) with the functionality and applications desired. Our system is not limited to a predefined set of applications. The facility can quickly change the layout, graphics, content, and apps with the click of a mouse.

Giving patients instant access to movies, social media, email, and games, can often lead to higher patient satisfaction scores and have the patient feeling connected to the outside.

As hospitals budgets tighten, we offer the most cost-effective solution to upgrade existing patient care solutions, as opposed to replacing all their TVs at once.

Facilities can clone settings, update channels, install software updates/apps and customize launchers from the comfort of their office. If our solution is installed across multiple facilities, all devices can be managed from a central location

Patient Smartboard

The Patient Smartboard is an interactive, touch screen device, replacing the traditional whiteboard on the wall of the patient rooms.  Providing real-time data to clinicians, patients, and visitors, this Smartboard runs on Android OS and highlights patient flags, the Care Team, pain management, medication management, etc.

Patient Education

We offer an educational playlist that is developed to address the specific care needed for each patient. These playlists are designed to support the transition of care. Each playlist is pre-populated with tailored patient education.

Patient Entertainment

Our solution offers the best level of entertainment with pre-installed fun games and apps, Live TV, Bluetooth compatibility, internet access, streaming services, and more. The content that appears on the patient’s in-room TV comes with healthcare consumers expectations of quality, comfort, and choice.


Patient Administration

Our interactive patient software, equips medical staff with a robust set of tools that simplify and streamline nursing workflow. This feature allows the staff to focus on data pulled from the EMR, Nurse Call, RTLS, and Rounding to provide a real-time view of an entire unit.