Keep your schools informed, in communication, and safe

School districts are faced with an increasing number of concerns ranging from educational challenges to internal and external threats. Primary Systems recognizes the unique challenges faced by educational institutions, and provides technology and security solutions that improve the learning environment and protect our greatest assets: our children and their teachers. 

It’s our mission at Primary Systems to transform the district office and each and every classroom, by recommending the appropriate communications solution, optimizing emergency processes, hard-wiring best practices, and ensuring system adoption. Each of our solutions are flexible, reliable, and tailored to each school’s specific need. From classroom audio to district wide automated bell scheduling and emergency notification to event management and security technology – we provide the complete solution. It’s through our partnerships with leading educational product and system vendors, that we deliver the classroom technology tools you need to create digital learning environments that will maximize student performance. 

One such education solution offered by Primary Systems is the Rauland Telecenter U. With its 1-touch emergency response capabilities, straightforward and centralized configuration, and the ability to add future enhancements with relative ease, Telecenter U offers a comprehensive communication and safety solution for school districts. Click here to find out how Telecenter U benefitted one local St. Louis school district and to learn about that district’s journey towards a unified crisis response system.

Create Emergency Processes

At Primary Systems we take the time to understand the unique security challenges school and district leaders face. The notion of a one-size fits all security model is no longer valid. Our team of experts will partner with your school district to customize a security action plan that emphasizes best practices, while also creating site specific emergency processes that are simple, effective, and reliable to execute.

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