Ascom secures substantial US distribution agreement with Primary Systems

Ascom secured a master agreement in the US with its distribution partner Primary Systems to provide the purpose-built Ascom Myco 3 DECT smartphone to the US market. The contract is an important strategic win with a total value of several million dollars.

The master distribution agreement is set for a duration of four years until the end of 2023, during which Ascom will deliver 8,000 Ascom Myco 3 DECT smartphones to Primary Systems, based in Missouri. Primary Systems will then resell the devices to end-customers in healthcare and other enterprise sectors like retail and manufacturing.

The Ascom Myco 3 smartphone helps streamline workflows, support faster responses and deliver context-rich information to mobile users. It can operate on DECT and Wi-Fi networks to offer the best of both worlds: the renowned reliability and telephony quality of DECT, and the smartphone apps and services enabled by Wi-Fi.

“Our new agreement strengthens our long-standing relationship with Ascom since 2002 by continuing to align Primary Systems’ clinical and IT services with Ascom’s ability to develop and quickly deliver best-in-class mobility solutions,” said Steve Potts, President¬† of Primary Systems. “The Ascom Myco 3 DECT smartphone will provide facilities with a smartphone device capable of closing digital information gaps between devices, hospital systems and clinical care teams while delivering the reliability hospitals expect from a DECT system. This partnership provides real world solutions for the problems that North American healthcare facilities face today.”

Kelly Feist, Managing Director of Ascom Americas, said, “This distribution agreement with Primary Systems demonstrates the potential Ascom has to provide our solutions on a wide scale in the competitive US market. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Primary Systems as we deliver our leading-edge Ascom Myco 3 DECT devices to organizations in healthcare and enterprise sectors.”

4 Key Ways Ascom Myco 3 Improves Healthcare Workflows

Enable Bedside Care

Challenge: Patient data is fragmented and may be in paper, EHRs/EMRs might only be accessed via PC. Double documentation is not an efficient use of resources. EMR might be accessible via mobile devices but not deployed effectively.

End goal: Secure way of capturing and sharing data (e.g. vital parameters, patient data entry at bedside or anywhere)

Access and update patient information (EMR/EHR) at the point of care and anywhere. Enables informed decisions by having the most updated information at hand.

Barcode Scanning

Challenge: Patient identification is key when delivering medication and care. Errors may be fatal to patient safety and may harm hospital reputation.

End goal:
The right medication and care is given to the right patient.

Minimize the risk of medication administration errors. Ensure the right care is given to the right patient through patient identification using mobile barcode scanning.

Mobile Data Sharing

Challenge: Capturing images in a secure way to document patient condition is a challenge due to data protection laws and the lack of cameras at every ward

End goal: Documentation to optimize patient care

Images (e.g. of wound and skin conditions) can be captured wherever caregiver and patient are located. Possibility to use Ascom Digital Vitals or 3rd party assessment tool for wounds and for pressure ulcers to follow progress and to access the wound images and the tool wherever you are.


Challenge: Difficult to communicate efficiently between care team members, inter-disciplines, lab, etc. due to spread out staff and several systems

End goal: Enable effective care team collaboration

Deliver patient-centric messaging within the care team, availability status for caregivers, patient data, access to lab, create reminders, etc.

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