The clinical communications platform & best practices engine

As healthcare delivery networks grow and the pace of change accelerates, your organization faces increasing pressures on staffing, protocols, and delivery of care. As technology moves forward, you need a communications platform without limits; a system that can seamlessly evolve with your organization. Our clinical enterprise platform has an open architecture that facilitates future expansions and integrations, allowing you to incorporate next generation care technologies while keeping everyone connected. 

Primary Systems will provide you with a scalable clinical enterprise platform that supports change and ensures that your organization’s communications platform has the flexibility to accommodate future expansions and integrations, while standardizing and optimizing workflows to establish higher levels of patient care and satisfaction. The core of our business is optimizing clinical workflows based on best practices and procedures that can be implemented within your facility and propagated across your entire Health Standards Organization (HSO).  We will work with your clinical team to collaborate across locations, departments, and units to create, support, and optimize standardized workflows within your clinical communication systems. The utilization of consistent and optimized workflows throughout your enterprise results in many benefits: 

  • Streamlined processes in day-to-day operations.
  • Reduction of training time through awareness and adherence to protocols, such as fall mitigation and rounding.
  • Reduction of paperwork and other interruptions to improve staff experience and satisfaction levels. 
  • Prevention of overlooked nursing care through reminders, automation, and improved communication.
  • Improved transparency and flexibility for staff optimization, satisfaction status, data, crossmatrixing, varying reimbursement levels, and more. 

For the Bottom Line:
Our team of Registered Nurses (RNs) with real world bedside experience will work with your clinical leadership to analyze your workflow and provide actionable data reporting that supports your business intelligence needs. Essentially, if it happened in the patient room, in staff workflows, responses or activities, we will ensure you know about it. Real-time knowledge helps measure performance against goals, improve patient satisfaction scores, and identify unit efficiencies and strengths. With our collaboration and the smart data at our fingertips, we will pinpoint your critical needs, while measuring, refining, and monitoring for long-term improvements. Beyond simple data accumulation, our clinical enterprise platform offers real-time meaningful insights. From monitoring the impacts of procedure changes and piloting new best practices, to integrating with other systems, Responder is an engine for faster decisions – and more immediate impact.

I.T. Considerations and Benefits:
Growth. Consolidation. Security. Reimbursement. The issues facing healthcare IT departments are critical to the health of your entire organization. Our enterprise nurse call system offers healthcare IT organizations a solution that supports seamless growth and integration, to keep up with the pace of change and security, making it a scalable choice for your IT Center of Excellence. 

Our solution will allow you to 
readily manage the infrastructure for the entire enterprise in one spot, combining disparate installations, different geographic locations and multiple workflows. Server consolidation will offer a tremendous budgetary advantage, both in managing the servers used to run the application and in managing the application itself. The platform’s new architecture gives you the flexibility to grow and respond to change while not sacrificing security or availability. With data encrypted both in transmission and while at rest, authenticated users can access only the data they are allowed to view – while the system audits their activity. 
ith our enterprise solution I.T. can:

  • Integrate virtually any clinical application into the clinical response system. 
  • Take full advantage of emerging technologies and the growing capabilities of connected devices, IoT and in-room devices, and business intelligence.
  • Harden infrastructure to offer high availability, galvanize data security, and prepare for disaster recovery.

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