Protect staff and students on campus and in the classroom

Whether you are responsible for a small pre-school, a K-12 school district, or a large university campus, your goal is to create an environment that fosters a student’s interest in learning and a teacher’s passion for sharing. A goal that’s only possible if everyone is present and safe. Protect your school with efficient and reliable security solutions from Primary Systems.

Most schools have limited security budgets, so getting the biggest return on your security investment is important. An integrated video surveillance, access control, and audio solution from Primary Systems gives your school the best possible protection, while letting you better allocate your resources. We’re able to integrate access control, video surveillance, and intercom systems to give your school and district maximum security. In an active shooter situation, or any emergency, our integrated systems will work together to help keep staff and students safe. When an emergency is triggered, specified presets and protocols on our systems will activate. For example, this trigger can tell the cameras to record at a higher frame rate, recall camera presets based on threat location, lock down specified doors, and restrict door access to certain authorization levels. District-wide paging can also be incorporated where automated pages are announced upon a triggered emergency or announcements can be made in real time. 

Feature Benefits

  • Mobile applications allow teachers to make calls from their cell phones while using a school phone number so that personal home or mobile numbers are kept private.
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence allows teachers to easily transition calls from their desk phones to their mobile phones with the touch of a button.
  • Each extension is given a dedicated conference room that is perfect for hosting one-on-one meetings with a child’s parent or groups calls with the entire class’ parents.
  • Free up time and increase efficiency by automating absentee and other routine calls.
  • Easily create custom greetings and messaging to enhance your school’s professional image.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration allows administrators to dial contacts directly from Outlook contacts or emails.
  • Switchvox is 100% web-based and easily managed from any computer connected to the network.
  • The admin interface is very easy-to-use and requires absolutely no coding.
  • Every feature is included in the initial purchase and is permissions-based, so whenever someone needs a feature added, simply check a box and the user is granted what they need right away.

Active Shot Detection

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has placed gunshot detection on the list of “products and technologies for consideration” in their recently published K-12 School Security Guide for Preventing and Protecting Against Gun Violence. 

In an emergency situation, every second counts. Officials should be prepared to respond to and mitigate the damage of active shooter incidents in the event that they do occur. 
Primary Systems will work with you to design a fully integrated solution that will provide peace-of-mind for your students and staff. 



Schools and universities are used for meeting, living, and learning. In today’s world, which is fraught with violence, vandalism, and theft, they need to create a safe environment – and not only inside classrooms.

Our cameras provide excellent HDTV image quality regardless of lighting conditions and the size and characteristics of the monitored areas. They do this while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to help you save energy. F
rom robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, we offer it all.



Access Control

Investing in the right technology is central to the protection of your staff, students, site visitors, and ultimately the success of your school district. While you naturally want your schools to be easily accessible for staff and visitors to move around the building – you need to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized intruders.

In the event of an emergency, people’s lives rely on the stability of access control systems. This combination of cutting-edge technology, open access, and strict security is precisely what Primary Systems access control solutions offer.  


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