Close information gaps and ensure caregiver continuity

 Healthcare is the ultimate team activity, but to work, each team member — from lab technicians to porters and nurses — needs access to up-to-date patient and treatment information. Today many hospitals suffer from ‘communication silos’ where units, staff, and technologies have challenges communicating with each other. The ramifications of these silos result in delays of patient care and patient dissatisfaction. At their worst, these silos can threaten care quality and outcomes. Removing communication silos requires ‘data mobility’, where clinical and care information is as mobile as the people who use it enabling care team collaboration amongst staff. 

Primary Systems will work to provide your staff with a care team collaboration solution with high-definition voice communication that will improve your workflow. We will deliver caregiver-specific alerts and patient-specific EMR, lab, nurse call, and ADT data—all in a single, easy-to-use mobile device. Furthermore, we can provide our patient-centric application that connects care team members located inside and outside the hospital to the patients in their care. Care team members immediately see who is assigned to a given patient—including remote physicians—and their busy/available status. Alerts and notifications pertaining to that patient are sent only to the responsible clinician, who can quickly and easily engage other team members and share information with just a few clicks. The result: streamlined collaboration, keeping clinicians at the bedside instead of hunting down colleagues and information. 

Solution benefits

An end-to-end approach to clinical integration differentiates Primary Systems from other providers by ensuring highly effective interoperability between hospital communication systems.

Our intelligent based alarm routing will deliver priority alarms the right person, at the right place, at the right time. 

Caregivers, more than ever, need to be highly mobile to deliver the best possible patient care. But being mobile creates special challenges as caregivers may not have ready access to information and team members. Our solution enables increased collaboration through mobile voice, secure messaging and access to mission-critical information.

By extending patient event notifications to mobile devices and supporting call-back to patient rooms, staff can react more quickly to events that require immediate attention. Your care teams and patients stay better connected enabling a more consistent care environment.

Our staff protection solutions enable fast, accurate and coordinated responses to personal safety alerts. Such alarm notifications can even be sent should a member of staff lose consciousness or otherwise be unable to transmit an alert. Ascom Staff Protect—looking after the caregivers.

Technology Platforms

IP-DECT offers true mobility that can be relied upon.  It offers secure wireless transmissions over dedicated frequency bands, making it less prone to interference.  Simplicity in its system architecture maximizes flexibility and scalability to fit all customer requirements.  An IP-DECT solution is easily scale from a 1 to 10,000 base stations and growing to support up to 100,000 users.

VoWiFi handsets offers enterprise grade wireless telephony, messaging and personal alarm capabilities based Wi-Fi technologies. Using Voice Over IP means both telephony and enterprise applications (e.g. Internet, e-email, etc.) can utilize the same network infrastructure.  Thus lowering implementation and maintenance costs.

Communication and collaboration among caregivers must be emphasized, as it is frequently identified as causing errors in patient care. The Unite Collaborate mobile app helps minimize these communication efficiencies by providing a platform to effectively bind the care team together, no
matter the distance between them. It enables display of the care team with an availability indicator letting you know if a specific team member is available or busy. This helps prevent needless work interruptions, and gives you the option to send a message rather than interrupt with a phone call. This application also provides secure access to patient demographic information stored in the electronic medical record. 

View Care Team Members

Quickly access all care team members assigned to a patient.

View Patient Assignments

View your personal patient assignments and patient information.

Enable Care Team Collaboration

Utilize a secure messaging platform, predefined messages, and patient feed.

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