Delivering Your Outcomes is our Primary Goal

Primary System’s prides itself on its Consultative Services, staffed with Registered Nurses (RN’s) with over 30 years of combined bedside workflow design and management experience. Our staff is experienced in adapting with you as you adapt to the impacts of the everchanging healthcare arena.  By optimizing and leveraging your clinical technology and data, we create solutions to support communication and workflows in a patient centric environment. 

Primary Systems will provide your facility with an on-going support model that ensures quarter-over-quarter and  year-over-year sustained results after the implementation is complete.  We structure our team of Registered Nurses (RNs) with real world bedside experience to analyze your clinical operations workflow and evaluate current performance through data, time, and motion studies. This allows us our team to make recommendations based on years of clinical experience to boost productivity and increase staff satisfaction resulting in increased staff retention and better patient care. 

Our clinicians will work with your team to perform an analysis of your current clinical workflow and data to establish your facility’s baseline/current state with your existing nurse call and other integrated communications systems.  

Clinical Impact:
With this baseline data, we will develop a clinical impact document combining your actual facility data with research-based national studies related to your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  

We will review the current-state data and collaborate with you to identify those areas that have the greatest need for improvement.  These improvements may present themselves in gains in clinical efficiencies, patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and potential financial gains through reimbursement or reduced re-admittance.

Sustained Results:
Data will be compiled on a quarterly basis along with suggestions on workflow improvements and presented to key stakeholders for review and implementation. Continued improvement and sustained results will be measured through a ‘quality index’ that is a compilation of data via multiple sources including, but not limited to: HCAHP Scores, business intelligence data, and internal hospital data elements. 

Keys to Staff Retention

Here’s the “secret sauce” to keeping your staff:
1. Actively listen to your staff. 
Show appreciation for their work and commitment to the unit and the nursing profession. Pizza isn’t the trick here…
3. Promote and develop an empowering, team-based, supportive culture that creates nurses that want to come to work. #getshiftdone. 

Data Driven Results

Patient Call Response

VP of Nursing – What could increase our Patient Satisfaction scores this quarter? 

Staff Time in Room

Nurse Manager—Where is my biggest opportunity to develop my staff this week?

Rounding Scorecard

Charge Nurse—Which patients need additional attention today?

Let us help!

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