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Post #5: Healthcare Driving the Future of Integrated Communications

At a St. Louis metro hospital, a nurse is notified of a patient pain issue via her in-house wireless phone. As she goes to the patient room, a stream of relevant patient information, including pain medication, appears on her phone. Upon entering the room, the nurse’s tracking tag is scanned, logging the patient visit into the system. Nowhere is integrated communications technology pushing new horizons more than in healthcare. Read More! 

Post #4: Update on the Coronavirus

The funny thing about a new disease is that the information you had in one week is going to change by the next, especially if the disease continues to spread. When it comes to coronavirus—now dubbed COVID-19—we are getting new information every day, and that information has slowly become more alarming. Read More! 

Post #3: What to Know About Coronavirus

Hi all, time to discuss the only thing most people want to discuss with me these days: Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV if we want to get technical. Honestly, I love all of these conversations because it’s a really easy way to educate people about how to protect themselves at all times of the year, ease exaggerated fears, and generally feel really great about myself for knowing the answers. Just kidding about that last one, but only a little bit. In reality, infectious disease disasters like this really pull the world together in this beautiful way. Read More! 

Post #2: Reasons to Get Your Flu Vaccine

The new year has finally arrived! I know that I cannot speak for everyone but GOODBYE 2019 and hello 2020. I welcome all of its challenges. And what challenges do most new years bring? If you said an increase in influenza, you are correct—congratulations! From an infection preventionists perspective flu season is never actually over. Preparation begins basically when the traditional flu season is over for the next season. It really is a headache. The worst part however is that all of this preparation and action can sometimes feel worthless. Why you might ask? Because less and less people are getting the flu shot. Read More! 

Post #1: Introducing the Author

For the inaugural blog post I suppose I should introduce myself. As you might presume, I currently work for Primary Systems as the resident microbiologist and public health aficionado. While I don’t necessarily see myself as an “expert” in anything because there is always so much to learn, I do love diseases and spreading knowledge about their impact on mankind. Read More!