Ascom Mobility - Getting the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

Competition in the supermarket sector is tough at the best of times. Supermarkets require equally agile and scalable communication and wireless workflow solutions to remain competitive. Of course, this can be costly. But one way to trim costs, remove bottlenecks, and maximize shopper satisfaction is with a customized Ascom wireless communications solution from Primary Systems.

Our Ascom communication and workflow solutions for supermarkets range from basic cashier assistance requests with click-and-collect, product withdrawal requests, inventory control, and personal safety functionalities. Solutions can also integrate with existing fire and theft alarms, recycling machines, fridge/freezer alarms, and virtually every retail application on the market. Since our solutions are based on open architecture, they are also easily customizable and scalable. This allows your custom-tailored solution to grow and develop with your business as need arises. In other words, our Ascom supermarket solutions are the smarter way to a competitive edge.

Ascom Enterprise Platform

  • Bridge communication gaps between equipment and staff to reduce production losses and maximize equipment uptime and product quality
  • Enable pre-emptive actions and optimized response times
  • Assign tasks and track progress while on the go
  • Integrate mobile staff with personal safety and alarm systems
  • Enable enterprise-grade man-down and no-movement alarms
  • Deploy ruggedized and ATEX-compliant solutions in hazardous environments
  • Enable new customer/guest services and experiences (click-and-collect, baggage tracking, etc.)
  • Advanced technical alerts to maximize customer/guest comfort (swift responses to technical issues with lifts, AC, heating, etc.)
  • Log staff movements and response times to support ongoing improvements

4 Key Ways Ascom Improves Supermarket Workflows

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