Centrally Manage Removals and Recalls

Product recalls are a fact of supermarket life, but it is possible to minimize their impact while still maximizing customer and staff safety. The key lies in getting the right information to the right people at the right time, which is why we developed Ascom AlerTrac. AlerTrac enables any workstation’s web browser to send messages to one, some, or all of your Ascom mobile devices and even receive acknowledgements of receipt or task acceptance.

Ensure Product Withdrawal Requests (PWRs) go directly and quickly to the right people. With the AlerTrac feature within Ascom Unite software, messages reach any mobile device covered by your Ascom solution. 

Product Withdrawal Requests Overview
Supermarket managers shouldn’t have to worry about checking for PWRs and neither should customers have purchases denied at checkout. Instead, PWRs should go directly from retail operations centers to all relevant staff, which is exactly what Ascom AlerTrac achieves. An integral part of Ascom Unite software, AlerTrac provides a Web interface for advanced IP-based messaging. It lets one person send secure PWRs to all the mobile devices covered by your Ascom Unite solution. Managers save time by not having to check for PWR updates, and flawed products can be quickly dealt with. Also, Ascom AlerTrac offers message escalation and forwarding functions to help ensure appropriate and timely responses. Should a PWR not be acted upon, or remain unacknowledged by the recipient, AlerTrac will automatically send the PWR to others in a pre-defined escalation chain.
Fast Facts
AlerTrac is a standard feature of Ascom Unite software; no extra licenses are needed. It also provides a Web interface for IP-based messaging, ensures text messages go to all mobile devices included in an Ascom Unite solution, and features message escalation and forwarding to help ensure appropriate and timely responses.
Ascom solutions for retail typically integrate infrastructure, mobile handsets, and software. Our solutions are open and scalable. They interoperate with virtually all existing systems, and can be altered over time to meet your company’s changing needs. In fact, Ascom systems installed more than 20 years ago can still be adapted and extended.
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