Personal Alarms for Supermarkets

Satisfying today’s supermarket customer requires highly mobile personnel: staff who quickly attend to customers and events throughout the store. But mobility can leave staff vulnerable, especially when working alone, which is why so many supermarkets worldwide turn to Ascom for their personal safety and alarm solutions.

Every supermarket is unique. So, it only makes sense that their personnel alarm solutions are customized—devised to specific needs and infrastructures. Ascom specializes in such systems, integrating different infrastructures (DECT, IP, cellular) and handsets to provide maximum staff and facility security. 

Personal Alarms Overview
Devising personal alarm and security solutions requires specialist knowledge and an understanding of the daily realities facing supermarket staff and managers. It also usually involves integrating various systems and technologies, including: 3G, WiFi, LF, Paging, RTLS, base stations, IR tags. And that’s before the solution is even commissioned. Then comes staff training, scheduled maintenance, around-the-clock support, and software updates. Your organization’s needs may change too. You may want to refine your solution’s location accuracy. You may want to implement ‘man-down’ and ‘no-movement’ features. You may want to integrate your staff’s handsets with fire, refrigeration, and other technical alarms. Or you may want to equip staff with Ascom d81 ‘Protector’ handsets, quite possibly the most robust handset ever made. Whatever your supermarket security needs, we have the solution.
Fast Facts
The retail trade and service industries account for more than half of workplace homicides and 85% of non-fatal workplace assaults in the US.
Ascom staff safety solutions for supermarkets typically integrate infrastructure, mobile handsets, and software. These solutions are open and scalable. They interoperate with virtually all existing systems and can be altered over time to meet your store’s changing needs.
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