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Warehouse not responding to delivery notifications, deliveries not synced with customer demand, excessive energy consumption, and a malfunctioning freezer going noticed are just a few technical challenges faced in the supermarket industry. An integrated Ascom communications solution can overcome all these challenges by directing and escalating alerts to and between staff, buildings, and equipment.

Supermarkets can be as complex as small towns, which is why they need comprehensive and integrated communications solutions—systems that connect mobile staff, building management systems, delivery notifications, telemetric monitors, and fire and security alarms into one coherent whole. Ascom critical alert solutions for supermarkets: all the right data to all the right people.

Critical Alerts Overview
Ascom critical alert solutions for supermarkets can integrate a virtually unlimited range of areas into one system: fire and smoke alarms, HVAC systems, fridge and freezer monitoring units, security alarms, delivery notifications, paging systems, and digital signage. Moreover, Ascom solutions are devised to be vendor- and technology-neutral. That means we most likely can re-use the resources you already have, enhancing and integrating them with other enterprise processes and third-party equipment. Once your solution is in place, centralized management, automatic software upgrades, and customized maintenance programs will help ensure reliable and cost-effective operation.
Fast Facts
Ascom Unite software connects mobile devices with a practically unlimited range of processes, alarms and technical systems. Data and alerts can also be distributed in pre-defined escalation chains, helping to guarantee timely and appropriate responses. Additionally, Ascom is committed to ‘open architecture’. Our solutions are vendor- and technology-neutral, meaning we can probably re-use your existing infrastructures and legacy systems
Ascom solutions for the retail industry typically integrate infrastructure, mobile handsets and software. Our solutions are open and scalable. They interoperate with virtually all existing systems and can be altered over time to meet your company’s changing needs.
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