RS2 & ASSA ABLOY - Wireless / IP Locksets 

"This is a very significant addition to our product line,” said RS2 National Sales Manager Gary Staley. “These wireless locks not only provide centrally-managed access control to these types of locations, but they do so without much of the cost, labor and infrastructure upgrades associated with traditional hard-wired systems.”

Staley added, “These locks lower costs by reducing installation labor, simplifying project management (fewer trade personnel), and leveraging existing infrastructure.

For example, a typical hard-wired access-controlled opening takes an average of 8 hours to install and bring to operational status. These WiFi locks take about an hour to install by a single technician.”

Dave Barnard, RS2 Director of Dealer Development, recently supervised an initial installation of almost 300 of the v.S2 WiFi locks from SARGENT at the Paradise Valley Unified School District in the Phoenix-Scottsdale, AZ area. “Our intent was to bring the power and simplicity of IP enabled access control directly to the door,” said Martin Huddart, VP Electronic Technologies, ASSA ABLOY Americas. "This school district installation highlights how WiFi locks extend the benefits of access control into more openings in the building.”

How does this benefit you?

  • Significant reduction in hardware costs
  • Significant reduction in labor costs
  • Utilization of existing wireless infrastructure
  • Easy installation in hard-to-wire locations, thus extending the reach of their access control systems
  • Up to 80% faster installation compared to traditional installations

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