Webster School District 


The Webster Groves School District community is committed to academic and personal success for every student. With over 10 schools in its district Webster School District is committed to success.


Webster School District
was being charged over $2000 every month in usage fees with their previous telecommunications provider. They were searching for a cost effective mobile communications solution that would still allow their Custodial staff to communicate.


Webster took the time to look at other vendors and their solutions as well and selected Primary Systems to design, install and integrate the Ascom turnkey solution. Primary Systems utilized Ascom i75 wireless handsets to completely eliminate Webster’s monthly service fees. Additionally, Webster was also given the added capability of incorporating the Ascom i75 wireless handsets with their PBX phone system forming a “total communications platform.”  


With the implementation of Ascom, Primary Systems was able to give the Webster School District an in-building wireless solution and a return on their investment within a year’s time.


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Communications
  • Improved Process Management
  • Reduce Noise Levels