Economical and Effective "Wanderer Security" 

Administrators will love the low cost of ownership!

Families expect their loved ones to be cared for in safe, secure facilities. As the demand increases for long-term elderly care, wanderer security systems become a necessity. Liability concerns also require facilities like yours to take preventative measures to meet this need.

Elderly populations are showing an increase in dementia, which is one of the most important health issues affecting resident security. Accutech's affordable ResidentGUARD Wanderer Security Systems allow you to provide your residents with complete safety and care without
limiting their freedom.

With Accutech's experience, quality and service, we can help you choose a wanderer security system that addresses your needs so you can continue to provide excellent resident care.

There are three options when selecting a Wanderer Security System from Accutech. The options are based on need and budget. All Accutech ResidentGUARD Systems incorporate the same state-of-the-art RFlD tags and receivers.

ResidentGUARD IS-3200 System - A computer enhanced, software based system designed to deliver maximum capabilities coupled with ease-of-use operation. Designed for facilities where Resident Identification is necessary to provide the best resident security.

ResidentGUARD ES-2200 System - All the key benefits of a patient wandering system including loiter and door ajar alarm monitoring, but without a computer. It's easy to use and can be installed and serviced by your maintenance personnel.

ResidentGUARD LC-1200 System - The ideal entry-level solution for facilities that want a quick, cost- effective solution. It can be set up as a stand-alone system and installed and maintained by your maintenance staff.

With Accutech, you get the affordable wanderer security solutions you need for complete resident security and peace of mind.

Benefits of the ResidentGUARD patient wandering system:
  • Notifies staff if residents try to leave the facility
  • Saves time with its simple operation
  • Easy clean tags
  • Quick resident assignment
  • Reduces costs with long life tags
  • Lower cost of operation with free training and software updates
  • Includes escort feature
  • Protects against elopement, loitering
  • Notifies staff of protected doors left open

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