Primary Systems and Versus Advantages help protect patients and staff by monitoring movement of patients, staff, visitors and equipment in real-time so that you can instantly detect their whereabouts and analyze historical movement. This means that you can monitor interactions among people, equipment and their locations for infection control, to identify cross-contamination or to immediately locate recalled equipment that may be in-use.

Versus Advantages helps you find equipment due for maintenance, testing or inspection and maintains a log of these details and other interactions that can be reported on with a moment’s notice, aiding compliance with regulatory standards. Advantages will help you manage Joint Commission “Environment of Care” standards which include reporting problems, failures and user errors related to medical equipment as well as annual evaluation of the medical equipment management plan, including objectives, performance and effectiveness.

For additional safety, the Versus badge includes a Call Alert button that allows mobile patients and staff to call for assistance from any location—without dependence on a stationary nurse call system. This is especially useful to telemetry patients, staff requiring assistance with a patient or to help deter violence against medical staff (who are 2x more likely to be assaulted than general staff.)

Versus also ensures safety and security by making sensitive patient information available only to those with permission to view it. Versus displays on centrally located electronic greaseboards easily meet HIPAA privacy standards, and, for added security, Versus can automatically employs a screen saver at individual workstations if an authorized badge is not present in the immediate vicinity. 





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