Versus Reporting 

At first, you’ll note gains that are default results of accurate locating. You’ll reduce time spent searching for equipment and colleagues. You’ll know patient-to-staff ratios. You’ll know when beds become available and you can easily report on room turnover times.

As the system matures, you’ll begin to think, “Wow, our throughput times have really improved. I wonder what happens if we try this?” and you’ll try something new.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure
With Advantages, you’ll have data to compare the before and after, find out what works best. Maybe you’ll improve in one area, but find another backed up? But at least you’ll have the data to make decisions and test processes. Oh, and another thing… You won’t have to call Versus every time you want to test a theory. Unlike other RTLS systems, Advantages keeps up with what you do with patients—even when that changes.







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