Versus Patients 

You’ve been a patient, and you know that when things don’t run smoothly, it affects the high-quality, respectful patient care we all deserve.

At Versus, we understand that waits and delays sometimes happen, so we work with you to create efficiencies that reduce the frequency at which they occur and to minimize the impact on patient care workflows.

Versus Advantages is proven to reduce wait times—a key element to positive patient perceptions. Versus also helps to make the entire patient visit operate more efficiently—everything from alerting staff when the patient is ready to be seen to documenting patient alone time for quality improvement.

Versus Advantages allows patients to call for assistance from anywhere in the building, whether they’re in the waiting room, placed in an overflow area or walking the halls with a telemetry unit by simply pressing their Badge button.

To further enhance patient safety, Versus monitors patients’ interactions with staff, other patients and equipment. If patients have had contact with other infectious patients or the equipment they’re using is recalled, you will be able to immediately identify and locate these patients.

Versus Advantages helps reduce your liability and expenses, but more importantly, it helps to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. To learn more about improving patient care with Versus Advantages, contact us today.








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