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Effectively manage your OR services to boost profitability. Your OR is likely the most profitable area of the hospital—but also the most dependent on ensuring that the right people, patients and equipment are in the right place at the right time.

A single roadblock or emergency surgery early in the day can throw a whole day’s schedule off—affecting multiple caregivers, departments and patients. Versus helps prevent roadblocks by ensuring that the patient’s status is communicated to all caregivers in real-time.

Versus Advantages allows you to keep track of patient, staff and equipment locations and their various interactions. Doing so allows for more accurate billing according to time with patient, time in surgery and equipment used. It also helps staff to identify equipment locations so that they can prep surgery suites more quickly.

For scheduling and billing purposes, you can utilize Advantages reports to analyze the impact of emergency surgeries, OR profitability to procedure length or utilization rates by surgeon. From relocating patient charts in response to room rescheduling to increasing the number of cases per day, Versus helps you manage your OR more efficiently.

If you are ready to streamline procedures, improve throughput and increase revenue, contact Primary Systems.

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