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Ordinarily, when a company or new theory or new process comes along promising to enhance patient care, it means more work, more documentation, more time you don’t have. And less time with patients.

But, Versus Advantages isn’t ordinary. Advantages is an automation and awareness tool that supports the work you already do with patients. It helps you immediately locate needed equipment or other staff members and relays information to those who need it without additional effort on your part.

Versus Advantages automates:

  • Room availability (so you don’t have to call the ED and tell them which rooms are available)
  • Alerts to housekeeping (so that rooms can be cleaned and made available more quickly)
  • Patient status, including alerts for nurse rounding (so you know which patients to see and when)
  • Caregiver assignments (so you know who is responsible for the patient without additional research) 
  • Interactions with patients (to safeguard against infection and support the patient care activities in which you engage)

Need an example?
If your nurse call system isn’t automated, you currently have to cancel patient calls by pressing a button at the headwall. With Advantages, you can cancel a patient call just by appearing in the room. Versus Advantages will capture your presence and time-stamp your arrival to support the prompt and good work that you do.








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