Versus Long-term Care 


With Versus Advantages, you can enhance safety and security while enabling staff to keep tabs on residents’ movements and control access to restricted areas. Advantages also helps your residents maintain their independence and the dignity associated with the freedom to move about at will—but still be under the watchful eye of caretakers. Simply by wearing a Versus badge.

Standard nurse call systems are wired, stationary and inflexible. In contrast, Advantages offers 24/7 monitoring and the ability for both residents and staff to call for assistance via the IR-RFID badge. Your Long-term Care facility will maximize efficiency, safety and satisfaction.

  • Track residents, charts and medical equipment with a simple glance at a monitor
  • Perform housekeeping without interruption when the resident leaves the room
  • Establish resident patterns so that you can determine when something is “off”
  • Boost wander prevention through alerts and automatic portal controls
  • Protect residents from neglect and provide accurate, reliable data to protect staff from inquiry through Advantages comprehensive reporting
  • Enable off-site monitoring (including by family members, if desired)

With Advantages, you can allow or prevent access to restricted areas based on badge type or time of day. To further ensure resident safety, you can also receive alerts if residents have entered a restricted area. Versus allows you to monitor activity levels, and receive alerts for residents who have been sedentary for an extended period of time. On the other hand, you may also receive notification when a resident gets up out of bed at night and you can “flag” patients who are susceptible to falls in order to come to their aid. 






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