Versus Integration 


You need an integrated approach to healthcare; disparate systems just aren’t going to cut it—especially when they could be benefiting from real-time, automated updates from Versus.

Beyond simple tracking, Versus will enable clinical workflow automation to virtually any system you use or plan to use. Of course, we’re happy to be the face you see, but our goal is to make healthcare safer and more efficient, so we are willing and readily able to automate whatever systems you choose, including the systems you are already accustomed to using.

How does it work?

Versus Advantages links time-stamped location and interaction data and delivers this in-context information to other clinical systems in real-time.

This data is collected and shared automatically. Versus delivers only requested, in-context data to other systems—so there’s no need to worry about extraneous information and decoding it for use.

  • Synchronize data transactions.
  • Eliminate information silos.
  • Streamline operations.
  • Better leverage existing investments.







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