Versus In-Patient Floors 

With respect to patient care areas, there’s often more going on ‘behind the scenes’ than one might expect. Patients, visitors, missing equipment, dietary services, environmental services, rounding, discharge delays, medication administration, equipment charge capture, etc.

Amid all this, you have the din of overhead pages, ringing phones and buzzing, whirring and beeping of numerous machines. The stress and frustration can wear on staff, while patient safety and satisfaction wane under chaotic and distracted care. Achieving a quiet, healing, stress-free environment for patients and staff is no small task.

With a multitude of patients—all with slightly different needs—and a limited number of nurses to care for these patients, wouldn’t it be nice simply find one another and the equipment you need faster? Versus Advantages provides the real-time location of equipment, patients and other staff members so that you have immediate access to resources.

And wouldn’t it be nice to cancel patient calls just by walking into the patient’s room—especially when the patient is just wondering what that button does? By integrating to your nurse call system, Versus can not only automatically cancel patient calls, but also timestamp this interaction to support the work you do with patients. (Many facilities have found Versus reports handy to counter complaints that no one had been in to check on a patient.)

Additional benefits include automating room status and bed availability so that you don’t have to dedicate time to determining which rooms will be available and when. With Versus, when rooms become available, Environmental Services staff are immediately notified. Once the room is clean, its availability is automatically updated.

If you’d like the ‘behind the scenes’ at your facility to operate more efficiently, Versus Advantages is the way to go.






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