Hand Hygiene and Infection Control 


Compliance with proper hand hygiene protocols is the single most important deterrent to hospital-acquired infections, but this critical step is overlooked 65% of the time.

If your facility is like most, you rely on quarterly observation periods, expensive hand hygiene audits or the ‘secret shopper’ approach just to compile data that in some way reflects hand hygiene compliance rates.

The Versus solution is to monitor actual hand hygiene compliance events in real-time all day, every day, and relate it to patient care. In this way, you can:

  • Determine exactly how often hand washing is taking place
  • Determine if the time between hand washing and patient care is appropriate
  • Direct additional education/improvement efforts
  • Conduct root-cause analysis

Advanced facilities can alert caregivers to non-compliant status prior to patient care, offering caregivers the opportunity to self-correct.

Infection Control has never been more important
By analyzing the movement of people or items and their interactions, you can track potential contagion pathways to prevent the spread of infection.

Late discovery of infections can be investigated, cross-contamination can be tracked and those who come into contact with known contamination can easily be identified for notification and treatment, if necessary. 







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