Manage patient flow.

Over the last decade you’ve probably heard more about the importance of patient flow and reduced bottlenecks than ever before. With headlines like “Crowded ERs Raise Concerns” and mandates from the Joint Commission to reduce patient wait times, it’s no surprise. With Versus Advantages you can monitor patient flow in real-time and make adjustments where necessary.


Get the data you need—now.

Benchmark. Measure. Validate. With passive data collection from Versus, reporting couldn’t be easier. Get saved reports “pushed” to your inbox at regularly scheduled intervals or create custom reports on the fly. Searchable, sortable, reportable data resides in one place. It’s collected and shared automatically—so no wasted steps. No delays.

Unity. And continuity.

Advantages lets your whole team operate like a well-oiled machine. Each individual knows exactly what has been done and what needs to be done to advance the patient to the next stage of care. Each caregiver sees each patient at the right time with the right information. Which means faster, safer patient care.


Learn how to do more with less.

When it comes to dollars and sense, Versus has you covered. Advantages makes it easy to manage equipment inventories, staffing levels, capacity, regulatory reporting, and compliance with hospital protocols. And you can do all this even while on the go.

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