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When staff can eliminate unnecessary patient wait times and quickly adjust to schedule changes resulting from no-shows or late arrivals, both patients and staff are happier.

You can manage daily operations more effectively by instantly locating patients, staff, equipment and charts. Versus Advantages will help you regulate patient flow with automatic nursing assignments and real-time displays of room occupancy and availability.

To further ensure efficient patient flow, you’ll receive alerts when patients wait longer than your team has decided is appropriate. Your staff will know when nursing assessments are complete and lab results are back so that caregiver’s can see the patient at the appropriate time, with the right information available.

You’ll be able to track your improvement progress, patient visit milestones and monitor compliance with established procedures. When you better understand workloads and patient wait times, you can anticipate staff and patient needs for improved patient flow.

Clinical clarity begins with Versus Advantages. To learn more, contact us today.

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