Versus Bed Management 


By tracking patients in real-time, Versus automates bed status based on patient location. You will know in real-time which rooms are available, occupied, dirty or in-process without any additional manual input. When a patient is discharged or moved to a new room, the room status automatically updates.

Versus also sends alerts to the appropriate personnel when certain events occur. For example, when a patient is discharged, Versus automatically alerts environmental services that the room is due for turnover.

Like typical, manual bed management systems, with Versus Advantages, you’ll see all rooms and special notations, such as whether a room is an isolation room or whether a bed in a divided room is for males or females. However, bed status will be automatically updated based on patient location and clinical workflow rules. In addition to the rules-based automation, you will also have the ability to reserve and request rooms or mark rooms “unavailable,” as needed.

Other benefits of Versus Advantages include knowing which:

  • Caregivers are assigned to rooms,
  • Patients are in the rooms,
  • Caregivers have been in the room with the patient and when, and
  • Equipment is in the patient room







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