Primary Systems and Versus Advantages provides rules-based automation to help streamline clinical workflows. With Advantages, you can couple accurate, time-stamped location information with any patient-related parameter to make things happen. Automating with Versus is like never having to stop for a red light. You do what needs to be done. Versus keeps up, communicates for you and alerts you to next steps.

With Advantages, an array of rules can be configured. Versus writes rules based on your desired outcomes following an IF/THEN scenario. When the “IF” criteria is met, a pre-determined action (defined by the “THEN” clause) is set in motion.
With an intuitive design for simple execution, many of these rules can be changed or modified on the fly.

Automation: What are the Advantages?

  1. By automating data collection, you can reduce the potential for keying errors and the time-delay required for manual entry. Time-savings and staff satisfaction dramatically increase.
  2. By automating alerts, staff receive timely communications that may impact patient safety. You are able to see the patient at the right time, with the right information. You are also able to see more patients because the patient visit and room turnover are expedited. When patients spend less time waiting, they feel staff are more attentive and are positive about the experience.
  3. By automating reports, you can spend less time retrieving data and more time implementing any necessary changes. With data instantly available, like where your equipment is, equipment utilization, room turnover rates on the 3rd shift or hand hygiene compliance rates, regulatory reporting and decision-making will be made much easier.


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