Versus Solution brings Efficiency back to Asset Tracking  

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The VISion Asset solution is an active RFID-IR tracking solution that allows you to monitor location changes with customized Enterprise View™ grids. As “tagged” assets move throughout a facility, their locations are immediately updated and available in real-time. Track equipment location on customized Floorplan views or monitor location changes in list views. Use comprehensive query tools to search for a single piece of equipment, all of a certain type of equipment, or only equipment due for preventative maintenance. You can search enterprise-wide or on just a particular unit with the use of zonal filters.

VISion empowers you with real-time location data and retrospective analysis tools to ensure that your equipment is properly stocked, used and maintained.

VISion gathers location data from the VIS sensory network and uses an advanced, tiered software system to process the location data and disseminate only the solution-enabling data required by various healthcare systems. The data is filtered so that each system is simultaneously empowered with only needed data, not extraneous information.

Transaction Engine™
The Versus Transaction Engine receives all badge traffic information and pairs it with the data requested by various client applications. The Transaction Engine allows a multitude of client applications to utilize location information while minimizing network load by filtering data. For example, the Transaction Engine delivers location updates for all patients and staff in the OR to the e-greaseboard for continuous real-time display.

Rules Engine™
The Rules Engine extends the capabilities of VIS™ by monitoring the system for the occurrence of specific events and initiating programmed actions based on event conditions. The Rules Engine allows users to dynamically create business rules and notifications based on their unique workflow and needs. Users can tweak rules and messages at any time, even on the fly.

Beyond providing location information, the power of VISion lies in its ability to monitor system events (a button press, unauthorized access, extended wait times, etc.) and to automatically initiate responses such as the alerts above. Event and alert messages can be sent via pager, e-mail, PDA, computer screen pop-up, sound file and HL7.

Rules defined can be very simple (e.g. tags reporting at a specific time) to very complex, depending on the action required. Many different call and response rules can be written, allowing different levels of notification for many different scenarios. For example, when a particular event occurs (a badged patient enters a restricted area), the Rules Engine responds with a pre-programmed alert. The alert could consist of one or multiple messages (audible alarms, PC alerts, pager notifications, etc.) to occur simultaneously or at set intervals.

Events can be configured and managed by Versus or the customer. The Rules Engine comes with a set of pre-configured rules in place for a specific application; custom rules can be easily configured based on your current processes.

Badges and Tags

Versus Badges and Tags emit radio-frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) signals. These signals are used to establish the location of mobile assets and people.

Versus offers several styles of badges and tags for both people and equipment. Our Badges can be clipped to clothing, attached to a wrist band, or suspended from a lanyard.

Our Asset Tags are inconspicuous and can be easily attached to mobile medical equipment and charts. Our Mini Asset Tag features the smallest footprint of any Active IR-RFID tag on the market.

When You’re Not Exactly the Odds-on Favorite…

You have to address patient complaints about not being seen, regulatory reporting and compliance issues, staff retention, timely bed turnover, more patient visits with fewer resources, accurate billing procedures, natural disaster and mass-casualty readiness, preventative maintenance, surgical suite utilization—the list is endless.

Add to this the complex P4P measures and incentives among CMS and healthcare insurance providers that are becoming more prominent (and remain relatively free of standardization among the many providers), and it is even more important for healthcare organizations to track nosocomial infection rates, ensure hand washing compliance and monitor timely administration of medications.

What if there was a way to do these things automatically, without adding staff or burden to existing staff?

…It’s Time to Up the Ante!

Primary Systems and Versus offer solutions to do exactly that, and so much more.

  • Communicate and Operate More Efficiently
  • Improve Patient and Staff Safety
  • Increase Staff Satisfaction and Retention Rates
  • Identify Potential Bottlenecks and Make Necessary Adjustments
  • Keep Patients and their Families Informed About Patient Progression
  • Measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in Real Time

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