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Executives in most industries have a responsibility to their board, staff and customers. Healthcare executives share these same responsibilities—but the fortuitous “customers” are patients with waning health, concerned family and friends, and a whole community of people who want you to be operating at your best in their moments of need.

Versus Advantages provides situational awareness to your clinic or entire healthcare organization by keeping track of patients, staff and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time. Use the Versus Dashboard and Reports to manage employees, receive updates, requests and alerts in real-time and respond accordingly.

With Versus Advantages, you’ll have the data you need to

  • Manage staffing levels
  • Determine hand hygiene compliance
  • Forecast bed capacity and expenditures
  • Evaluate how patient volume impacts patient wait times
  • Test new discharge processes
  • Predict patient arrivals vs. patient discharges

If you’re wishing for an advanced modus operandi, consider your wish granted by using Versus Advantages.








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