Rauland Tracer 


Tracer: Find Staff Quickly And Efficiently

Combined with the power of the Responder IV nurse call systems, Tracer™ tracking makes it easy to find hospital personnel quickly, when needed, to address patient needs.

Create a Quiet, Healing Environment

By communicating directly to a staff member's wireless device, rather than using overhead paging, Tracer enables you to reduce noise, thereby creating a quieter environment more conducive to healing. After staff log onto the system and attach this small lightweight transmitter to their clothing, they're now able to be located easily, throughout the hospital - exhibited on real-time displays. 

Improve Staff Workflow

If a staff responds to a patient call, the system automatically cancels any non-emergency calls and registers the staff member in the patient room by a censoring device placed in the ceilings. In addition to managing staff, you can use this visibility to gather important call response data to assist in making staffing decisions.

The benefits of Tracer include:
  • Real-time display locates staff quickly and easily
  • Hands-free registration
  • Automatically cancels non-emergency calls
  • Gathers call response information for staff assessments

Integrate for More Benefits

Tracer can be used with Responder IV nurse call systems. When you then integrate this technology with Responder NET, more people can share the same information.  By making this staff location information useful, you can easily win over staff by demonstrating the system's benefits to them in their daily routine.

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