Total Classroom 


Total Classroom Solution: On A Single System

Built-in Master Clock and Atomic Time 

Bells ring on time to signal the end of the day or class change.  Classroom clocks are kept in time by the same system – all bells match the clock.  Atomic Time Sync allows schools to keep time with the rest of the community.

Hands-free Intercom

Teachers are able respond quickly to administrative staff from anywhere in the classroom, minimizing the disruption of instruction. 

Priority Communications

Paging, tones and intercom to the classroom automatically take priority over classroom sound reinforcement systems. Emergency Paging always has the highest priority, so important information is guaranteed to be heard by everyone.

One Touch Call-in

There are no numbers for teachers to dial or redial to get assistance. Your faculty can resume instruction or respond to an emergency.   Call-ins can be displayed on phones, marquee displays, cell phones or voice announced over speakers for quick response.

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