Time Synchronization 


Time Synchronization: Keeping Everyone on Schedule

School and District-Wide Time Synchronization 

To keep students and staff organized, every school has a daily agenda for classes and events. Rauland-Borg's complete line of stand-alone master clocks and integrated Telecenter intercom solutions keep everyone on schedule.
  • Atomic Time Sync keeps every school in your district on the same time. This is especially important when it comes to coordinating bus schedules
  • Every clock throughout the facility shows exactly the same time; each is synchronized with the class change bells. You won't have students roaming the halls, while others are still in class.
  • The system's multiple class change "bell" schedules and programmable year long calendar accommodate all your different types of school day schedules automatically.
  • Zoned bell and tone distribution allows you to ring bells or sound tones in specific areas while not disturbing the rest of the facility.

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