Versus Asset Tracking 


The inability to quickly locate available equipment can be detrimental to patient flow and patient safety. Additionally, time spent searching is wasteful, often involving multiple well-paid individuals.

Real-time Asset Tracking with Versus Advantages, helps you eliminate the waste, expense and potential safety issues resulting from frequent, time-consuming equipment searches.

Tracking equipment will help reduce expenditures related to equipment rentals and purchases. You can even receive alerts regarding warranty expirations, maintenance due, rental contract dates to ensure equipment is well-maintained and available.

By tracking assets in real-time, you can create comprehensive equipment storage models based on what works best at your facility. Know which pieces of equipment are used frequently and which sit unused in storage. Where central equipment deployment occurs, you’ll have the tools to track equipment orders and deliveries, including who ordered what, when, and when the item arrived for use. It’s just another way to measure, so you can manage.

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