Telecenter U 

District Wide Bell Scheduling, Event Management, & Everyday

Telecenter U is a Web-based system that connects and drives the equipment you already have in place throughout the school, around the campus and across the district. The system links all of your separate communication technologies—intercom/paging, PA/sound and emergency—in all of your locations to deliver a seamless, unified solution. It’s designed to handle the three E’s that matter in your environment: emergencies, event management and everyday communications.

Telecenter U leverages your investment in your existing IT structure by working with systems you have in place today, whether or not they’re made by Rauland-Borg. All communication functions are easily accessible from any device with a Web browser.

Telecenter U consists of two components:
• Software installed in a single location within a school district or large campus, and
• “Page modules” that interface with intercom/paging systems or PA/sound systems located in your various buildings.

Effortless Bell Scheduling
When a school or district is off schedule, late dismissals and time fluctuations disrupt instructional time and after-school activities. When your communications systems are linked via Telecenter U, schedules in every facility run accurately and efficiently.

With this smart solution, bell schedules can be pre-planned, sending tones, voice and music to the desired locations from anywhere on your campus. Thanks to Telecenter U you can program your calendar for a whole year.

Every day or once a year, staff can easily manage any event your calendar demands such as:
  • Classroom change tones
  • Dismissal bells
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Playing of music in hallways before and after school and during passing periods
  • National anthem and Pledge of Allegiance
  • Bus dismissals
  • Adapted schedules (half-day, for example).
Emergency Response - Safety First
Telecenter U enhances your school or district’s unique crisis plan by connecting all of your facilities and guaranteeing synchronized communication. You can create a sequence of events—including pre-recorded voice announcements, tones and other critical notifications—for a wide range of emergencies. A sequence can be activated from any location via a Web browser or telephone for the entire system, a designated group of facilities
or a single school.

How well your school responds during an emergency hinges in part on your crisis management strategy. Telecenter U helps you take a proactive approach by letting you pre-record messages that provide instructions for different crisis scenarios. For example, you might pre-record directives for staff and students on how to respond in an emergency evacuation when there is an immediate threat to the school.

When the pressure is on and every moment counts, you’ll have confidence in Telecenter U. Unlike stand-alone systems that are used only in emergencies, Telecenter U is familiar. There’s no need for personnel to remember how to use the network because they already use it every day. And since the system can be activated with a single call, there are no wasted steps.

Everyday Communication - Versatility In Action
Just login on any PC with a Web browser within your school, and you’re ready to communicate to a single location, a group of facilities or your entire district. The system handles all of your everyday needs by connecting to disparate systems that communicate messages regarding daily operations, including:
  • Morning announcements
  • After-school announcements
  • Paging
  • Lunch
  • Celebrations
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Athletic team announcements
  • And more.
Telecenter U is ready for anything. Whether you want to play a junior high school’s fight song after a big victory, issue a reminder message to all high schools about upcoming standardized testing, or have the superintendent address every school in the district, you can manage all live communication from the system’s easy-to-use Web pages. Contact Us today for more information and a presentation!

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