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Responder® 5 Staff Terminal

The One-Touch Communication Solution for your entire Facility

The Responder 5 Staff Terminal is a one-touch communication solution that reduces waiting time for your patients and improves your hospital’s overall efficiency. By streamlining communication across the Surgical Department, the Responder 5 Staff Terminal makes it easier for you to focus on what you do best: provide high quality care for your patients.

Improved Workflow

From the time patients check in at Registration until they’re moved to the Recovery Room, scores of workflow steps take place throughout the Surgical Department. The Responder 5 Staff Terminal simplifies the whole process by connecting the entire OR staff with one touch of a button. The result is a significant reduction in the number of phone calls and pages.

Rather than wasting time walking the Surgical Department, any staff member can check a patient’s status at any time via census board.

Anesthesia — After the patient’s chart is verified as complete, a touch of the Anesthesia button notifies the anesthesiologist that it is time to conduct the pre-anesthesia interview.

Patient Ready — One touch of the Patient Ready button alerts the entire staff that the patient is prepped and ready for surgery.

Patient In — Once a patient is wheeled into the OR, one touch of the Patient In button automatically alerts the nursing staff to prepare for surgery.

Closing — When the surgeon is closing, one touch of the Closing button alerts the PACU staff that the patient will arrive in their area soon and signals Central Supply to re-stock the OR.

Enhanced OR Communication

The Responder 5 Staff Terminal includes an intercom system that can link all OR rooms, allowing for convenient hands-free voice communication. Nurses and physicians can make requests for consults, supplies and equipment while maintaining a sterile environment, and staff can easily check on the status of a room.

One-Touch Simplicity and Accuracy

In an average-size hospital’s surgical suites, the Responder 5 Staff Terminal can eliminate hundreds of phone calls and pages per day. Spend less time on process and more time with patients. The single push of a button eliminates time-consuming phone calls and pages throughout the department. The result is greater efficiency, which translates into smoother workflow and improved patient care. Time saved is money earned.
When workflow efficiency improves, patients move through the Surgical Department faster and on to PACU. Faster turnaround times mean more surgeries fit in the daily schedule, and more surgeries translate into increased revenues.

Responder 5 Staff Terminal Highlights

  • One-touch coordination of hundreds of workflow processes per day
  • Accurate and immediate communication
  • Intercom system enables hands-free communication between ORs
  • Simple to use and easy to learn
  • Time stamps integrate with data network for detailed event tracking
  • Fully customizable to your procedures
  • Developed by the industry leader in nurse call systems

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