St. Agnes Home 


Impelled by the love of the Divine Heart of Jesus, the Carmelite Sisters strive to provide a HOME for the elderly, where they can spend a quiet evening of life lighted up by peace and warmed by His Love. The Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus of Missouri are dedicated to the ideal of seeing, loving, and serving God in all. They believe that the elderly person is a unique individual endowed by God with gifts, talents and beliefs that should be maintained during their journey through life, and be respected by all. The "Family Spirit" as envisioned by their Foundress, Mother Maria Teresa of St. Joseph prevails in our Home. Their goal is to help their Residents live out their lives in an atmosphere of love, dignity and respect.

With the needs of the elderly changing every day it is imperative their systems are state-of-the art. St. Agnes wanted a total remodel and upgrade of their existing structure and systems. In addition to the remodel, a new resident wing was built which made them in need of additional nurse call systems and overhead paging.

St. Agnes has partnered with Primary Systems to provide a complete design and implementation of systems. They are in need of nurse call to keep their residents safe and overhead paging for better communication. These systems are to be installed in their new resident wing and their existing building that is under renovation.


For nurse call Primary Systems utilized Rauland Responder 4000. The Responder 4000 offered St. Agnes room stations that have voice and non-voice options, as well as traditional code blue and push for help buttons in case of an emergency. Those features are designed to keep residents safe which is what made the Responder 4000 a perfect match for St. Agnes objective and specific needs.


Primary Systems also utilized Bogen and Crown to integrate the overhead paging system. This allowed better communication and faster response time in the event of an emergency.


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Communications
  • Enhanced Resident Care
  • Reduce Noise Levels