Scott Air Force Base 


Scott Air Force is a base of the United States Air Force in St. Clair County, Illinois near Belleville which are in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Scott AFB's primary missions are managing a domestic aeromedical evacuation system, commanding and supervising all operational support airlift within the US and providing initial qualification training for C-9 pilots. The base is also home to five headquarters and a Reserve airlift wing. In addition, there are several tenant units, some directly supporting the base, and others carrying out their own missions using Scott facilities.

The census of Scott Air Force Base was 2,707 at the 2000 census. Scott Air Force Base Fire Department is a federal government - dod organization and operates out of three fire stations, with one of them being the central station where emergency calls are dispersed. It was the Fire Department’s objective to obtain a better line of communication with the three existing fire stations for faster response time.

Scott Air Force Base has partnered with Primary Systems to assist with the replacing of the outdated head-end system with the installation of a new Rauland Head-End system. It was with this innovation that we were able to connect the three existing fire stations together so they could continue to communicate with each other through the paging system. Primary Systems was able to accomplish all of this while also utilizing the existing speaker and wiring infrastructure for a cost effective communication solution.


  • Faster Emergency Response Time
  • Improved Communication
  • Increased Efficiency