Safety National Casualty Corporation  


Safety National Casualty Corporation (SNCC) offers a range of alternative risk funding products for workers' compensation through independent insurance agents and brokers. Since 1942, they’ve been a leading provider of excess workers' compensation coverage to self-insured employers and self-insured groups nationwide. Today, with the addition of large deductibles and alternative risk financing services, Safety National has evolved into a versatile alternative market provider.

Safety National offers a range of alternative risk funding products through independent insurance agents and brokers. Their products include: Excess Workers' Compensation, Self-Insurance Bonds, Large Deductible Workers', Compensation, Assumed Reinsurance, Alternative Risk Services, Loss Portfolio Transfer, Integrated Employee Benefits, and TEXcess Safety National’s objective while moving into their new headquarters was to have the capability to control access to certain parts of the building and find an innovative way to manage employee’s time cards.


Safety National has partnered with Primary Systems to provide a integrated access control platform. With the implementation of RS2 Access Control Safety National was able to keep unauthorized personal out of private areas. With the purchase of RS2’s Time & Attendance software Safety National was able to monitor their employee’s time cards.

When employees would enter and exit the facility they are required to scan their ID Badges. By doing this they are essentially “punching their time card”. This allowed management to review and monitor when employees were entering and exiting the facility. Security cameras are also installed directly inside the doors exiting the facility to make sure employees are being honest and using their own ID Badges. This allowed Safety National to monitor their employees better and gave them a total access control solution.


  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Centralized Control
  • Complete Management Reporting
  • More Efficient
  • Increased Productivity