Rauland Responder NET 


Responder® NET: Simple Yet Sophisticated

Responder NET provides Responder IV users with a simple PC interface for easy staff sign-on, staff-to-patient assignments, and customized patient/staff information displays - all on the hospital's network. 

Real-Time, Continuous Communication

Responder NET's instant access to real-time patient whiteboards (census) and staff information is an easy-to-use tool that aids your staff in providing the highest levels of patient-focused care. Responder NET can display every call coming in to the floor, allowing system administrators to customize the screens to display information - such as staff location or only specific calls. The expanded call display helps staff monitor and manage call volume. With Responder NET your hospital can:
  • Immediately see pending patient calls and service requests - all on one screen
  • Centralize code blue display capability to enhance response time
Caregivers can review and update patient notes; keeping information and communication continuous from shift to shift. A staff directory, which includes all wireless numbers, enables rapid communication with staff - by updating wireless device extensions per staff sign-on.
  • HL-7/ADT integration provides easy access to real-time patient information
  • Information is accessible by staff members from any networked PC
  • Password-protected patient whiteboard feature ensures confidentiality

Efficient Staff Management

Nurse Management can pre-assign staff to patients from any networked PC.  Staff can sign-on in a matter of seconds with their patient assignments automatically routed to their wireless devices.

  • Conveniently resides on any PC workstation
  • Pre-assign rooms for current and future shifts - all on one screen
  • No patient call is unanswered; patients are covered at all times
  • Printable schedules for individual staff members or entire floor
  • Automatic saved history of which staff to patient assignments
  • Optional bar code reader speeds sign-on and eliminates errors
Simplified Bed Management

With Responder, rooms are cleaned and made available quickly and efficiently. When a room is in need of service, housekeeping is notified instantly through pocket paging or real-time PC screens. Staff have the convenience of knowing immediately when a room is available.  Room requests are managed easily from real-time screens showing open rooms, pending discharges, and rooms in need of maintenance.
  • Prevent lost revenue with real-time bed ready notification display showing all available beds
  • Monitor, evaluate, and expedite bed turnover time with reports
  • Automatic notification to bed control when a bed is available

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