Rauland's Telecenter - Curriculum and Presentation System (CPS) 

Telecenter CPS Brings It All Together

The wealth of digital content is exploding. But, with all these options also comes challenges since each delivery system has a unique interface and may not integrate with your existing media content or educational cable channels. How do you make all of your media content available throughout your district?

Telecenter CPS is the one multimedia system that provides the total solution. It integrates all your instructional video content (streaming video, digital video files, VHS, DVD, cable channels, and video cameras), networks (school LAN, district WAN, and in-house coax TV), and display options (Mac and PC workstations, TVs, Projectors, and Plasma/LCD displays) into a single browser-driven solution. Telecenter CPS Leverages Your Network

Telecenter CPS Leverages Your Network

Real-time digital video encoding and streaming through Telecenter CPS works with your existing schools’ LANs and district’s WAN to deliver digital video to a district-wide audience of active learners. This network-driven multimedia video solution is simpler, less costly, and more readily accessible than ever before. By using your data network for all your video needs, the expense of implementing a coax TV network in new schools and major renovations is eliminated. For schools with existing coax TV networks, the flexibility of Telecenter CPS lets you incorporate these networks into a total district-wide video solution.

By leveraging your data network, access is universal to the district’s educational resources and can even be extended to teacher and student workstations at their homes; offering additional advantages in lesson planning, distance learning and even individualized learning applications.

Telecenter CPS Maximizes Your Media Library

Any video source including a video camera, portable video cart, VHS tape, DVD, video bulletin board or cable/satellite channel can be instantly encoded and streamed over your existing data network to any classroom computer (and in turn, any associated projector, TV, or LCD/Plasma display) in any school throughout the district.

Your entire existing media library, including VHS tapes and DVDs, retain the full end-user interaction but can be viewed and controlled remotely within the classroom, throughout the school and across the district. Materials won’t need to be checked in and out or potentially lost because media playback decks are installed at a central location within each school or at a central location within the district. The Telecenter CPS system uses your district’s existing WAN to distribute content.

Telecenter CPS Delivers District-Wide Equity

The ability to readily integrate new digital video content with existing VHS, DVD, and even laser disc libraries into the same multimedia experience delivers a new level of equity throughout the school and district to ensure that the most effective educational material is available to everyone.

Telecenter CPS helps school districts accomplish teaching goals by standardizing curriculum and content within schools and throughout
the district. Alliances with leading educational content providers ensure that appropriate and standards-correlated digital content is
available right from the start.

The result? Simplified installation and expansion, plus lower maintenance costs.

Schools within the district often have different levels of networking, video distribution and multimedia display methods. Telecenter CPS is the only system available today that brings all of these options together into a single integrated district-wide solution.

Key Benefits
  • Universal access to all existing VHS and DVD content
  • Delivers Satellite and Cable channels without a separate video network
  • Broadcasts school and district-wide video announcements, realtime school programs and sports
  • Displays school bulletin board of events
  • Provides remote lectures and distance learning
  • Supports district-wide events including professional development and training

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