Raulands Public Address System 


Speakers and Horns

Every Public Address System includes speakers and/or paging horns. Paging for outdoor areas typically uses high power paging horns, in wide angle  (for large areas such as football fields), double-reentrant, and bi-directional models. High-performance loudspeakers such as the US0188 are very efficient and are designed for maximum intelligibility when used on a paging/intercom system.


Speaker & Horn Assemblies

Speaker and horn assemblies include the baffle (speaker grill) and, in some cases, the backbox too. Not only do speaker assemblies decrease the installation cost, but you also get a package that is made to function together, providing better performance than separate components. Assemblies provide costs savings by allowing the installer to simply connect the wires and mount the speaker or horn. No need for attaching the baffle, connecting the wires, attach the baffle/speaker to the backbox and then mount the full assembly. The baffle is usually the only part of the paging/intercom audio system that is always visible to the end user. Each baffle facilitates mounting an appropriate speaker. 



For the best performance from your speakers, they need a backbox for protection and increased bass response. All Rauland backboxes are made with heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel that is acoustically treated to prevent audio resonance. When mated to our speakers and baffles, the backboxes deliver a long-lasting, great sounding audio experience.



With baffles available in round, square, double-sided and vandal-resistant designs, Rauland offers a baffle for nearly any application.


Public Address Systems used in schools typically include a microphone. For many schools, a desktop microphone is regularly used to read morning announcements. The 1295 desktop microphone is an ideal candidate for this function. With a locking push-to-talk ability, it allows users to easily read from a printed page. Rauland also has two models (1256A, 1282) for handheld microphone applications.

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