Rauland Keeps Getting Better! 

  • Centrally located transmitters that can achieve up to 500,000 sq ft coverage
  • Virtually maintenance free — no batteries to replace and automatic daylight savings time change
  • Compatible with most other brands of master clocks and secondary clocks
  • Battery backup options with quick time recovery after a power outage
  • Large easy to read displays and clock faces
  • Designed for quick installation and easy setup
  • Rauland 5 Year warranty

How does it work?
  • Add the Transmitter
  • Choose your time source receiver
    • GPS
    • NTP
- Choose Your Clocks
  • Analog
    • 13” or 16” (Single or Dual-face) Battery
    • 13” or 16” (Single or Dual-face) Electric
  • Digital
    • 2.5” (Single or Dual-face) 24VAC or 120VAC Electric
    • 4” (Single or Dual-face) 24VAC or 120VAC Electric
    • 6 Digit 2.5” White LED Digital
  • Choose Ceiling or Wall Mounts for Double-face
- Fill out FCC License

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Powerful 5 Watt Transmitter, 467 MHz Frequency, 7” Rear-mounted Antenna, 2-line, 20-character  LCD Display for Time/Day/Date/Year, Automatic Adjustment for DST and After Power Restoration, GPS or NTP Time Sync.

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NTP Receiver
  • Uses Network Time Protocol (NTP) to get Time Sync signal for Wireless Transmitter
  • Can acquire Time Sync signal from any IP-addressed Timeserver, either LAN or internet
  • Quick Installation
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GPS Receiver
  • Provides GPS Time Sync Signal to the Wireless Transmitter
  • Includes Antenna, Cable and Mounting Hardware
  • GPS Antenna can be mounted either Indoor or Outdoor as long as it has an unobstructed view of the sky

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Wireless Analog Clocks

Rauland’s Wireless Analog Clocks feature easily viewable faces in 13" and 16" a variety of sizes and styles. The clocks are ideal for facility renovation, retrofit design, and new construction applications.

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Wireless Digital Clocks

For high visibility in large areas or long hallways, Rauland’s Wireless Digital Clocks and Clock Systems provide the perfect solution. Red or white face, 2.5" or 4" in length, and 6 digit versions available as well.

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Wire Guards

- 13” Analogs

- 16” Analogs

Hanger Brackets

- Simplified Keyhole Mount

- Retrofit for Simplex Replacement

What makes Rauland better?

The quality of the clocks!
  • Takane Clock Movement
    • All gears are Acetal NOT ABS
    • Increased copper wire for extended battery life.
    • Epson Quartz Crystals
  • Clock’s back is completely enclosed
  • High Efficiency – go green!
  • Five Year Warranty by Design

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